Here are some of my favorite hoopings.



Lolli Hoops - my favorite hooping instructor

The Sellam Circus School - Learn circus arts with master trainer Sellam El Ouahabi 

The Boston Hoop Troop - everything hoopy going on in the cities of Boston, Cambridge & Somerville

Siren of the Circle - Lindsey Hollett teaches great hooping moves and runs hoop jams in Salem, MA.  


Circus Smirkus - A wonderful non-profit circus that features kids from 10-18 years old.  Go see it in the summer! 

Cirque Us! - A New England based circus that features many past members of Circus Smirkus.

Aircraft Aerial Arts - An especially kid-friendly place to learn Circus Arts

Esh Circus Arts - A great place in Somerville, MA to learn all about circus skills

Elevation Aerial & Circus Arts - Learn Circus Arts with Gina DeFreitas!

Spin Art in Bath, Maine - Amanda Walden runs really fun family hoop jams all year long.  And she also hosts the occasional LED hoop jam.  

WOMBAT (Winter Object Manipulation Bootcamp at Tufts) - the once a year weekend get together with workshops using all kinds of props.


Hoopologie - Melinda at Hoopologie helped us pick out just the right materials to make my slinky hoop.

HoopMamas - really great service.  I got my Golden Hoops & Reflective Hoops from this company.

Whirl and Dirvish - I met Jaime at Return to Roots and she made my beautiful perfectly sized 28" Seaglass hoops.

Astral Hoops - this is where I got my programmable light up hoop.

Moodhoops - this company made my white light up hoops.  

Home of Poi - an Australian company that offers different juggling and manipulation supplies.

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