I'm Eva and I've been hooping since 2013.  My mom and I started hula hooping by taking classes with Lolli Hoops of the Boston Hoop Troop.  I really enjoyed learning new tricks and going to hoop jams. Eventually, I started making up my own routines and performing at talent shows.  

Two years ago, my mom saw an audition for Circus Smirkus and I decided to try out.  The auditions took the whole weekend, and luckily I was asked to join the Big Top Tour.  Since then, I have been learning more hula hoop skills and also been training in handstands and contortion.

Since I started hooping, I have always wanted to put together a hoop obstacle for my dog. There is only one problem, though. My dog has a huge case of hoop-phobia. If I get the hoop out and she is in the same room, she will tuck her tail in her legs and scurry to the nearest corner. So that is why I can't make an obstacle for my dog, which really bums me out. : (

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